Friday, January 1, 2016

Using visual and written narratives, my artworks are snapshots of my mind. Contemplating existence, survival and purpose. Diverse in its scope, but reflecting upon common themes, such as origins, society, purpose, spirituality, mental illness, identity, love and pain. Structured within the framework of the biological sensory system, they express and communicate with the intention of being perceived and assimilated. Like the song and dance of a bird of paradise and the tiny flaps of a butterflies wings, my art exists to attract attention and to have effect.

My recent body of work utilizes written text, acrylic painting, drawing and archival pigment prints on canvas, nylon and paper. Symbolic, surreal, and often controversial, each artwork is a reflection of life unfolding. From figurative to abstract thought, from magical crucifixions, to war-torn real-life events, they contemplate, question, and reveal my existence.

"My art is my mind, my heart, and my pain,
My memories, my happiness, and my shame.
It is what I see, smell, hear, taste, feel, think and cry about.
It is what I am and who I am.
It is my memories good and bad,
My nightmares and my dreams,
It is what I have experienced,
An extension of myself.
Expressing my mind, my heart, and my soul.
Snapshots of my mind,
Seeking, probing, penetrating,
Your mind, your heart and your soul.
To be processed and assimilated,
To contribute, and affect.
To be remembered."